Mapping European Butterflies - The Distribution Atals
The future of MEB-1 is MEB-2

Mapping European Butterflies is with the publication of the Distribution Atlas of European Butterflies at its end. The project continues as MEB-2 with the aim to publish the second edition

The Annotated Distribution Atlas of European Butterflies

in a few years. The data bank is being expanded and distribution data are being collected. More on MEB-2 will be published here in a few months.

Mapping European Butterflies is a project of the Naturschutzbund Deutschland (NABU) and the Gesellschaft für Schmetterlingsschutz (GfS) (please note a slight change in the postal address):

Dr. Otakar Kudrna
Geldersheimer Str. 64
D-97424 Schweinfurt (Germany)
Tel & Fax ++49 9721 805200

Melanargia galathea f. magdalenae (I, Lago Barcis)

Melanargia pherusa (I, Sicily)
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